How to play Battlefield™ 2042 on Mac

Battlefield – with this name, fans have a lot of emotions and memories of the wonderful hours spent in one of the parts of the series or with each of them. Finally, on November 12, Electronic Arts and DICE released the new Battlefield ™ 2042. What’s new awaiting us in the new part of the series? No plot is expected in the upcoming Battlefield. The developers said that the stake was made precisely on the multiplayer mode and the creation of regular content with new modes, locations, operators, and so on. The events of Battlefield 2042 take place in the not-too-distant future, where our planet is finally “worn out” and over and over again gives out new disasters, leading to a shortage of food and fuel. In the new part of Battlefield, we will not see the traditional class system for the game. She has been replaced by operatives that have become the trend for many multiplayer shooters. At the start of the game, a choice of 10 characters with their own unique properties is available. And as always, all events will take place in beautiful and interesting locations, the graphics have taken a step forward, despite the use of the same Frostbite engine. And what about compatibility? The game will be released on 3 platforms: PC, PS5, and Xbox One. The Mac version is absent again, despite the fact that some of the modern Macs are powerful enough to handle the game. In this tutorial, we will describe the options that Mac users have to play Battlefield™ 2042 on MacOS.

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