how to play on mac

How to play on Mac is an auto-driving simulator capable of bringing your limitless imagination to reality. This is where you will get to experience a huge community-based workshop, a broad range of game-changing mods, and even more, making this game a true sandbox driving masterpiece – just like Minecraft but in the vehicle world. You are given full freedom to let your mind go wild – feel free to go beyond standard car racing and delve into exploring and conquering each dime of the land across 12 maps already in stock. Even more fun would be to gather with friends and experiment with your car in different self-made scenarios on custom testing fields until your fascination exhausts, be it about crashing your car into pieces or trying to get over challenging obstacles. brings a number of different and thoroughly-designed vehicles open to be modified however you like – wheels, suspension, engines, and other car parts. One big feature making so realistic is its real-time and structural soft-body physics allowing to simulate the realistic weight and mass of the vehicles – just as if you were racing in the real-life world. The game has been in continuous development since its very first release in 2013 and is officially out only for Windows. Despite this, we know how to help aspired macOS users to play it on their Apple machines regardless. Just read our guide below where we show how to do this!

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