how to play blazing sails on mac

How to play Blazing Sails on Mac

Blazing Sails is a pirate-themed multiplayer game developed by Get Up Games and published by Iceberg Interactive. The basic premise of the game is simple; ship-to-ship combat, where each ship has a crew of either four or two people. As such, you have to deal both with enemy players and with the challenge of coordinating your own team. Beyond that, Blazing Sails features many twists on this formula, offering three different game modes, a variety of ship layouts, the ability to board enemy ships, and much more. Unfortunately, the game’s cooperative nature means that it’s not very fun without friends. On the other hand, if you do have other people to play with, you’ll have a blast! There’s just one small problem. Blazing Sails is exclusive to Windows-powered computers; it doesn’t even have a console version. Though this might change in the future – the game just left Early Access – it’s obvious that a Mac port will not be coming. Despite this, it is possible to play Blazing Sails on Mac; read our guide for an overview of your options.

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