how to play bonelab on mac

How to play BONELAB on Mac

A new VR game called BONELAB opens a world of numerous physical activities to interact with. Barely saving yourself from death, you appear in a mysterious dungeon-looking place with lots of challenges, secrets, and enemies dwelling within. Find yourself out of what looks like a life prison and experience a nerve-ticklish adventure with fully improved realistic game physics – just as if it was happening in the real world. Unlock the pathway to a well-hidden underground lab that is abundant with weapons and various physical trials to play through. While exploring the lab in MythOS city, players will gradually obtain broader access to various gaming regimes such as obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user-generated levels. Engage in combats with rifles, melee weapons, or simply your bare arms to fight your way out of different challenges and get to know what it feels like to play in a close-to-real-life world with a VR headset equipped on your head. Although BONELAB is officially limited to playing only on Windows, it is nonetheless possible to launch it on Mac if you have a VR headset available. Read our article to learn how.

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