how to play cliff empire on mac

How to play Cliff Empire on Mac

Cliff Empire is an unusual city-building game developed by Lion’s Shade. Ravaged by nuclear winter, the surface of the Earth was rendered completely uninhabitable, but humanity prevailed. Several thousand people were able to survive on a space station; but now, it is time to return. Three tall spires were constructed; as radiation stays close to the surface, these are inhabitable near their top.
The development of these three cliffs is the core premise of Cliff Empire. They can trade and loan money from each other, but otherwise have separate economies. They also have different conditions – for example one cliff might have abundant water but poor farmland – so it is more efficient to specialize them. They also have very limited space, so you need to think carefully about the cities’ layout.
During the course of the game, you will have to deal with many natural disasters and fulfill the space station’s production orders. Successfully managing these will unlock new buildings, new game mechanics, and several other things you will be pleasantly surprised by.
Officially, this game can be played only on Windows, but it is still possible to play Cliff Empire on Mac. You will need to use a third-party service to accomplish this; several such services are listed in the guide below.

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