how to play cocoon on mac

How to play Cocoon on Mac

Cocoon is a puzzle game developed by Geometric Interactive. Notably, the development team included Jeppe Carlsen, one of the creators of LIMBO. In this game, you play as a cicada exploring strange abandoned structures. To progress, you will be required to solve puzzles, and occasionally defeat enemies. All puzzles in Cocoon revolve around one mechanic, world-orbs. When held, these orbs grant the protagonist special powers, but this is not their main use. As you might have guessed from the name, these orbs contains worlds inside of them; worlds that you can enter and interact with. When such an orb is placed on a special pedestal, however, the environment inside the orb gets seamlessly connected with the environment you’re in. This singular mechanic is very flexible; even though the entire game is built on it, the puzzles are distinctive from one another, and the game never gets stale. The easiest way to play this game is to own either a Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, or Xbox console; these are the platforms the game is officially available on. But you can also play Cocoon on Mac. Read our article to learn about your options.

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