how to play company of heroes 3 on mac

How to play Company of Heroes 3 on Mac

Company of Heroes 3 is a new and third installment of the whole military franchise taking its players through the realms of World War II in real-time strategy combat. The game features immersive and authentic gameplay with a new dynamic campaign system allowing all players to go through both historical and fictional war episodes from multiple perspectives. Having access to and control over a number of units, ranging from infantry to tanks and aircraft, players will be able to adapt the environment to fighting needs and build their own strategic pace and approach to outsmart the marching or defending opponents. On top of the solo-play campaign, Company of Heroes 3 also offers online co-op and PVP modes (e.g., “Domination”, “Capture the flag”, etc.) bringing a number of other players to compete against or alongside your back on the mutual battlefield. An interesting new feature made available in this third installment is the tactical pause system. Players can pause the game and issue commands to their units, giving them time to plan the next move. This system is especially good to practice prior to delving into multiplayer matches where quick thinking and strategic planning are essential elements in deciding one’s victory. The graphics in Company of Heroes 3 perfectly match the game’s genre and are far better compared to its predecessors. Highly detailed environments, realistic unit models, and impressive visual and sound effects will no doubt keep you engaged throughout the gameplay. Thus, Company of Heroes 3 can be said to place a deserved spot among players’ wishlists to try this immersive experience. At the moment, the game has been made officially playable only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. Despite this, there are some third-party methods to launch and play it on Mac as well. Scroll further down to learn what magic it is in our article below.

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