how to play conan exiles on mac

How to play Conan Exiles on Mac

Conan Exiles is a survival open-world game made by Funcom. Though marketed as a multiplayer game, Conan Exiles can also be played in singleplayer, or in co-op mode with a small group of friends.
The first challenge to conquer in this game is simply staying alive. This is no trivial task; you need to eat and to drink, to dress appropriately for the temperature, and to have shelter from the elements.
Once you’re comfortable in your survival ability, you will be able to explore the world and see what it has to offer. In the open world of Conan Exiles, there are many different biomes. Though a part of this land is covered in lush forests, many areas are much less hospitable. The frozen mountains located in the north, the scorching-hot dunes in the south, and the swamp in the east would be deadly for an unprepared adventurer, as would many other places.
Once you’ve had your share of adventuring, return to your base of operations. With resources you’ve found on your journeys, you will be able to expand it. Eventually, you could build an entire castle, or even a city.
Conan Exiles is available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. It is also possible to play Conan Exiles on Mac. How? Read our guide to find out.

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