How to play Deathloop on Mac

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop is a new action-adventure videogame released on 14 September 2021. Its main events revolve around Colt, a man with memory gaps locked in the time loop. He is meant to resolve the puzzle of endlessly repeating events after each death. To break this torturous loop, players have to neutralize 8 targets – the so-called Visionaries that move around the subarctic island not letting the character break out of the loop. Remember that you have time-limited till midnight to defeat all of them unless you want to respawn at the very beginning. Apart from regular enemies, players are off to contest a mercenary killer named Julianna who attempts to stop Colt and save the time loop. The roles of both characters can be switched and taken by players in multiplayer to fight with each other. Deathloop calls players to enable the stealth mode and assassinate enemies without producing much noise. Keep in mind that time and environment boundaries are set against you meaning you have to map out your successful and game-winning route after coming through multiple failures. The game brings true joy of action shooting and playing options – various guns, gadgets, and powers along with parkour skills to enjoy the plot of reiterated, yet unique experience. For now, Deathloop is out only for Windows and Playstation 5. If you do not have one of these platforms, but would like to play the game on Mac, we will help you do this below. You can also use some of these instructions to launch the game on Windows if you lack enough PC capacity for satisfactory play.

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