How to play Dread Hunger on Mac

Dread Hunger is a 2022 videogame that narrates the trip of seamen going through the cold and deadly Arctic. It is an 8-person multiplayer tasking its players to gather resources and stay alive while being surrounded by intimidating creatures and severe northern conditions. Extreme Arctic tension will change your personality and force you onto doing things you could never imagine before. Some of the crew will have to betray the rest to not die and survive during the dangerous route. Choose your role on the ship and try to complete the whole planned trip through the Arctic sea without ending up dead. This is what Dread Hunger is all about – a truly interesting and largely-anticipated videogame currently available for Windows users only. Even though there is no official support present for macOS users, we are still going to launch it regardless. Follow the guide below to learn how you can do it and play on a par with Windows players.

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