play enlisted on mac

How to play Enlisted on Mac

Enlisted is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Darkflow Software. In this World War II-based game each player controls a squad of soldiers. One soldier is controlled by the player directly, while the others are controlled by the computer, but follow the player’s commands. It is also possible to play as a crew of a vehicle – either a tank or a fighter. This is not unusual – military games that are more realism-focused commonly use squad-based gameplay to give the engagements a more appropriate sense of scale.
In another nod to realism, the players are always split into Allies and Axis teams, and can only select soldiers appropriate for their team. This way, you will not see Soviet and 3rd Reich soldiers fighting together, as that would be quite immersion-breaking. The Allied players can choose to play as the Soviet Red Army, British Army, or the US Army soldiers, while the Axis players can play either as Wehrmacht or Royal Italian Army soldiers.
The game has two matchmaking modes, “Squads” and “Lone Fighters”. Squads is the default mode, that works as described above. The Lone Fighters mode is for those who prefer a more traditional FPS experience – in this mode, each player only controls one soldier and not a squad.
Originally an Xbox Series X/S exclusive, the game has since been ported to PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Windows. It did not receive a Mac port, but you can still play Enlisted on Mac by following the guide below.

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