How to play FIFA 21 on Mac

As known, EA (Electronic Arts) has kept the tradition of developing soccer simulators since 1993 proving it with the 21st edition of FIFA this year. In outline, FIFA 21 cannot be called something revolutionary compared to previous versions. Of course, EA created the new Creative Runs system allowing users to move around the field without the ball alongside dribbling which has become easier and more variable. Artificial intelligence helps bots better adapt to certain scenarios to put up a bigger competition against real players. In other aspects, it is a great simulator that helps you forget about domestic routines and share the joy with friends on a couch. Additionally, the updated version contains new packs of players to collect and assemble the dream team on a grassy field. As always, some users remain disappointed not seeing the game for Mac. But we will help you maneuver out of dismay and score some goals on Mac via instructions provided below.

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