How to play Generation Zero on Mac

Generation Zero is a first-person action shooter developed as stealth and open-world survival. The game tells the story of humans striving to survive against alien robots that invaded the land. Players will delve into a big and mysterious world to join the likes of resistance and combat newcomers alone or together with friends. You can equip up to 3 other companions to help you in this perilous journey. There are lots of different locations like forests, abandoned cities, and gigantic fields that make your survival against unexpected invasion even more interesting. Make sure you collect enough resources and map out your strategy to fight your ground versus robots that use advanced weapons making your path more intricate. Generation Zero certainly managed to provide a new and exciting look at survival games and gather lots of positive feedback from the community since 2018. It is currently available only for Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. There is no official support for macOS, but we are here to turn it. Follow our tips and instructions below to learn how to launch Generation Zero on Mac despite official incompatibility.

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