How to play Genshin Impact on Mac

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing action game developed by miHoYo Limited, the same people that brought you Honkai Impact 3rd. From the beginning, a pair of twins is set to arrive on the land called Teyvat, a fictional place with lots of artifacts and mysteries yet to be unlocked. However, the impact of an unknown god keeps one of them trapped from leaving the place. This is where the adventure begins. Emerge yourself into a magic world full of epic bosses to beat through and reach a long-lost sibling of the main character. Perceive the power of all elements laid down in the world to defeat the most perilous and challenging monsters throughout the game. You can also unite with 3 more players to travel and explore the ubiquitous beauty of Teyvat together. Genshin Impact is a great anime-like video game accompanied by color-saturated graphics attained thanks to the Unity engine. Despite the game can be officially played across PS4, IOS, Android, and Windows for free, we will help extend this list to cover Mac users as well.

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