how to play gods will fall on mac

How to play Gods Will Fall on Mac

Gods Will Fall is a roguelike game in the Hack-n-Slash genre, developed by Clever Beans. The world is ruled by cruel and uncaring gods, and for a long time, humanity has been too afraid to oppose them. But all things change, and eventually, a group of warriors arose, willing to challenge their rule. You control eight of them, and must slay ten gods. With each playthrough, the abilities of your warriors will change, and so will the strength of the gods (their abilities stay the same, however). To slay a god, one must traverse its dungeon and finally face it in battle – but only one warrior can enter, and once inside, it is not possible to leave. Once inside, the only options are either victory or death. Sometimes, a warrior who have lost a battle may also be captured by the god they lost to – in this case, it is possible to rescue this warrior by sending in someone else to defeat the god. The game can be beaten in 5-6 hours, but all the randomization presents decent replayability value.
Gods Will Fall is available only on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows – but it is also possible to play Gods Will Fall on Mac. To learn how to do this, read the guide below.

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