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How to play Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons on Mac

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG by ArenaNet. The game features a complex storyline that is different for each player, as it is influenced by players’ choices. It also has a dynamic combat system, engaging PvP mode, and eight different professions (classes). Particularly innovative is the game’s event system. Instead of all-too-common quests that players have to complete, Guild Wars 2 has events that happen in the game world. They vary depending on players present in the area and make the game world feel more alive. The game is also free to play, though you’ll have to pay to access the expansions.
The most recent expansion, End of Dragons, expands on the storyline with a plot focused on the breakdown of the Dragon Cycle that has sustained the world since time immemorial. It also brings new content, such as nine new trait lines (subclasses), a combat mount, and, of course, new armor and weapons. The gameplay’s been expanded as well – the owners of the expansion will be able to pilot mechs, go on strike missions, and fish.
Guild Wars 2 is available only on Microsoft Windows. However, there are several ways to play Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons on Mac too, listed in the tutorial below.

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