How to play GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- on Mac

Developed by Arc System Works, GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- is a pure fighting videogame inspired by the Anime world. Featuring a reconstructed 2D/3D game design with 15 new characters joining the likes of prior fighters, the game will be the right choice for Mortal Kombat and anime lovers. Enjoy a variety of fighting modes to experience diverse emotions during the game. Choose to endure yourself fighting against AI in the survival mode, or with other players to prove you are the king. Be ready to learn a barrage of diverse abilities that will help you acquire an advantage over the enemies. Defeat bosses and high-caliber players on the online arena saturated with breath-taking fights. GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- is an exciting game that has nothing to do with boredom and negative mood. Being available across Windows and Playstation, players can already jump into the action since 11 June. Unfortunately, Mac users have once again been left behind with no possibility to play the game. However, this would be so unless we knew the way to get around this problem. Below, you will learn how to launch GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- or any other game on macOS.

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