how to play high on life on mac

How to play High On Life on Mac

High On Life is a first-person shooter game from Squanch Games. Notably, this game development studio was founded by Justin Roiland, one of the people behind Rick & Morty. Justin has been heavily involved in the development of High On Life; many promotional materials for the game proudly advertise this fact.
The story of the game is, perhaps unsurprisingly both zany and mature. For quite some time, many scientists have pointed out that an alien invasion is not a very realistic scenario. What would an advanced civilization want from us? They can easily obtain any resources they need elsewhere, and, surely, they would have no need for slaves. High On Life has its own answer for this question; in the game, aliens invade Earth because they want to use humans as drugs.
In an unlikely turn of events, the task of protecting humanity falls onto the shoulders of a good-for-nothing, unemployed high school graduate. Equipped with an arsenal of talking guns, he must make sure that no human will be powdered and snorted.
Officially, this game can be played only on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. However, it is possible to play High On Life on Mac as well; the procedure will be explained in the guide below.

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