how to play infinity kingdom on old mac

How to play Infinity Kingdom on old Mac

Infinity Kingdom is a casual strategy game with a cartoon-y art style. It was developed by Youzu. In the game, you will take on a role of a ruler of a city amidst a racial war. Endless hordes of gnomes are invading the human lands, intent on wiping humanity out. The situation seemed dire… but then Immortals, heroes from humanity’s own past, decided to lend a hand to human cities. This may just be enough to turn the tide of the battle – but the war will still need careful management. Build your armies, recruit Immortals, and take the fight back to gnomes in this multiplayer game.
Yet, gnomes are not the only enemies you will have to contend with. In these grim times, fighting over resources and valuable lands has only intensified. You will need to build defenses and have a garrison of troops capable of repelling an invasion – or your city might just end up ransacked by another. Or, participate in raids yourself, and take resources from those that cannot defend it.
Primarily a mobile game, Infinity Kingdom was designed to be played on iOS and Android. However, Windows and macOS versions of the game are also available. Because of this, it should be pretty easy to play Infinity Kingdom on Mac – but if your Mac is too old, a few tricks in this guide will help you run the game regardless.

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