How to play Inscryption on Mac

Inscryption is a brand new horror deck-building videogame by the creators of Pony Island and The Hex. The game unfolds in a hut controlled by the demonic force that keeps you trapped until you manage to outrace it in card games. Although the card game remains the same, its nature and combinations are constantly changed bringing that sense of uniqueness in touch with the plot and interaction with demonic forces along the way. The whole Inscryption is about quest-room-inspired puzzles and psychological horror that keep you in tension throughout the gameplay. You will be able to best up a deck of forest creatures using surgery, self-mutilation, and card selection methods. It is your goal to survive and learn what lurks behind Leshy’s cabin in spite of frightening circumstances. This unpredictable and incredibly scary adventure can be experienced exclusively on Microsoft Windows. Despite there being no official compatibility with macOS, we will help you launch it regardless. Learn how in the article below.

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