how to play jurassic world evolution on mac

How to play Jurassic World Evolution on Mac

Jurassic World Evolution is a management game developed and published by Frontier Developments. It challenges the player to construct and maintain a dinosaur theme park – with real dinosaurs. Your theme park is more than just a glorified zoo. Though entertaining visitors is the primary purpose of the park – and the main way to generate money – it also contains multiple research facilities. You will have to recruit teams of scientists and send them to excavate dinosaur fossils all around the globe; researching these fossils will allow you to resurrect new types of dinosaurs. There are also other scientific objectives to accomplish. For example, you will be able to genetically modify these giant creatures to make them less aggressive, and establish a breeding program so you can sell excess dinosaurs to other interested parties. Jurassic World Evolution began development in 2016 and released two years later, in 2018. On release, the game was available on three platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Since then, the game also received a Nintendo Switch port. It is unlikely that it will ever be ported to Mac, but don’t feel disappointed. You see, it is possible to play Jurassic World Evolution on Mac even though the game never released on the platform. Read the guide below for detailed instructions.

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