play knockout city on mac

How to play Knockout City on Mac

Knockout City is a competitive multiplayer game available for Windows, current and previous generations of XBox and Playstation consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch. In the game, the players are split into teams, and have to knock out players on the opposing team by hitting them with balls. A virtual reimagination of dodgeball, the game features several different game modes: your usual, expected, team deathmatch, deathmatch (or “Team KO” and “KO Chaos” as this family-friendly game calls them), 1v1 “face-off”, as well as more unusual modes such as “Diamond Dash”, in which players drops diamonds on knock-out and the first one to collect enough of them wins a round, and “Ball-Up Brawl”, which is a regular team deathmatch game, except there are no balls and players have to use each other as balls instead. Though you can do that in a normal team deathmatch too – the game has a variety of different balls that have special effects, which includes throwing your curled-up teammates at the enemy. Other special balls include Moon Ball, a ball that makes the player holding it lighter, and Soda Ball, that temporarily obstructs the vision of the player that got hit with it.
Thanks to the crossplay feature, the owners of all supported platforms can enjoy this game together, playing on the same servers and enjoying shorter waiting times that come with having a larger userbase. Meanwhile, those that have an unsupported platform, such as a Mac computer, are left with nothing at all. Makes sense – the game just isn’t available on it, what else there is to say? As it turns out, there are a few things that can be said about this because this situation can be remedied. Despite the lack of a port, it is possible to play Knockout City on Mac – here’s how.

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