how to play laika aged through blood on mac

How to play Laika: Aged Through Blood on Mac

Laika: Aged Through Blood is a platforming game developed by Brainwash Gang and published by Headup Publishing. It tells a story of a tribal coyote warrior who has sworn revenge against her oppressors. The biggest innovation of the game is the movement scheme; the entire game, our protagonist will be controlling a motorbike. Performing tricks, such as jumps and backflips, is essential for both platforming and combat. For example, you will be expected to position your bike against you and your enemies so that it can be used as a shield. This requires careful balance; after the jump, you will also need to land safely. Since the game demands both speed and precision, it can be quite challenging. Worse, it doesn’t feature any HP system: if you take damage, you die, period. Though this sounds brutal, there are many checkpoints scattered around the game world, so you never lose much progress. Although it is not officially available on MacOS, there are several ways to play Laika: Aged Through Blood on Mac anyway. Keep reading to learn more.

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