how to run lumion on mac

How to run Lumion on Mac

Lumion is a rendering program for architects. It works by importing a 3D model of a room or an entire building – for example from AutoCAD or 3ds Max – which can then be decorated just like a real building would. Thanks to its huge library of detailed objects for both interiors and exteriors, Lumion can turn your sketches into stunningly realistic pictures and animations. Images in particular can be rendered incredibly fast, allowing you to quickly iterate and improve your work. Unlike several of its competitors, Lumion doesn’t render your creations in a vacuum – it’s not quite realistic to have a house surrounded by a plain white background. Instead, it provides many different backdrops to choose from, capable of emulating both urban and rural surroundings. Gorgeous skies can be added to the render as well. All of this is quite amazing – but there is a catch. This software is available only on Microsoft Windows; to run Lumion on Mac, a workaround will be needed. Read the guide below to learn more.

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