How to play Mafia II Definitive Edition on Mac

Mafia II Definitive Edition is a remastered version of the original and classic Mafia II installment. The new edition invites its players to experience the well-known and fascinating story of Vito Scaletta with improved graphics and added content. Players will yet again delve into a mafia world of the 1943’s running control over extortion, smuggling, and drug rackets. Being sworn by poverty and constantly escalating debts, the main character ventures to join one of the mafia families and commit crimes to gain cash and respect. Complete a variety of perilous missing to attest your name and climb up the ranks of the Italian Mafia. Apart from being a story-based shooter and car simulator, Mafia II allows the players to explore each detail of the bustling city and complete off-side missions to make the criminal journey even more interesting. This remastered Definitive Edition allows living the life of a real gangster during the Golden Era of organized crime in glorious 4K graphics on many platforms including macOS. Although macOS has finally received support for this game, not many can afford enough hardware capacity to access 4k resolution experience up to the maximum degree available. If this is your case, follow our guide below to fix it and launch Mafia II Definitive Edition without graphical limits.

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