how to play maneater on mac

How to play Maneater on Mac

Maneater is an open-world RPG with an unusual premise: you play as a shark. It was developed and published by Tripwire Interactive, an American gamedev studio also responsible for Red Orchestra and Killing Floor games. It should be noted that Maneater is not a simulation game; though you start the game as a fairly normal baby shark, you will eventually unlock abilities that transcend sharks’ natural capabilities. As sharks are already pretty powerful in real life, this is very much done to enhance the “power fantasy” experience. Though the game’s title implies that humans are your primary enemy, they are hardly the only one. You will have to engage in combat with many aquatic creatures, some of which possess powers comparable to yours. Humans, meanwhile, need no special buffs to pose a challenge for our unnatural mega-shark; a Coast Guard boat outfitted with guns is threatening enough. Maneater released in May 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Later that year, in November, it was also ported to Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Finally, in May 2021, it received a Nintendo Switch port. By now, it is safe to assume that the game will never receive an official Mac version; however, it is still possible to play Maneater on Mac. Several unofficial methods can be used to accomplish this goal; learn about them in the article below.

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