how to play match masters on pc or mac

How to play Match Masters on PC or Mac

Match Masters is a competitive match-3 game by Candivore LTD. Putting a new spin on the tried-and-true formula, Match Masters manages to bring innovation to an otherwise stale match-3 genre. This is accomplished by making the game revolve around PvP (player vs. player, or simply competitive gameplay). Both players share the same board, and take turns. So, for example, if you use your turn to set up a high-value combination, like you would in a normal match-3 game, your opponent will be the one to capitalize on it the next turn, not you! Unsurprisingly, this makes playing the game and getting high scores significantly harder.
To increase the strategic depth of the game, each player can choose between one out of twenty special powers – called Boosters – that can alter the situation on the board to the player’s advantage. The Boosters need to be charged by combining certain elements – blue stars for the blue player and red circles for the red player – which, given the competitive nature of the game, is not easy. Combining the elements of your opponent does not charge your Booster, but it denies them the opportunity to charge theirs – something both of you will be doing.
Match Masters is an exclusively mobile game, available only on iOS and Android. However, there are several ways to play Match Masters on PC or Mac – read the guide below to learn about them.

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