play medal of honor above and beyond on mac

How to play Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on Mac

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is one of the most revolutionary first-person shooters developed to play in VR. The game brings its players back to the historically terrific and devastating events of World War II. Being one of the French resistance participants, you will be tasked to reach high-stake missions and help other nations liberate Europe from the Fascist regime. A deep single-player campaign saturated with volatile action will navigate you through historic events in various battle realms – achieve superiority on land, air, and sea while seizing Nazi bases and subverting their plans. Highly dynamic clashes accompanied by Virtual Reality will make you keep your hands always in tension to dodge flying grenades and enemy bullets. Above and Beyond also features a multiplayer where players are able to build their team and compete against other soldiers in achieving various military objectives. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is truly immersive leaving no room for boredom and desire to quit. It is worth mentioning that the game holds quite a high plank for system requirements – at least NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 180 GB of space will be required to install the game and play it using one of the 4 VR helmets. Although the game has official support for Windows only, it can be played on macOS as well. Explore our tutorial below to learn all the possible methods to do it.

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