how to run microsoft dynamics 365 on mac

How to run Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Mac

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an business-oriented application suite with a focus on enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. Thanks to the large amount of apps it contains, Dynamics 365 can assist pretty much any business, be it a mom-and-pop store or an international corporation. Applications contained within the suite can be divided into four categories: Sales, Service, Finance, and Supply Chain. Sales applications can be used to model customers and predict their needs, and to automate sales. Service applications are focused on improving contact centers; they include tools necessary to build self-service platforms, cross-team collaboration apps, and an AI conversation bot. Finance applications will allow your business to monitor Key Performance Indicators in real-time and improve your workers’ productivity. Finally, Supply Chain applications can reduce manufacturing downtime, monitor product inventory, and predict supply chain disruptions. All of these highly useful tools have been developed by Microsoft; as such, they are only available on the Windows operating system. But there are several workarounds that can be used to run Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Mac as well. Read the article below for instructions.

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