how to run microsoft publisher on mac

How to run Microsoft Publisher on Mac

Microsoft Publisher is a simple publishing application by Microsoft; it is included in certain Microsoft Office packages. Though outwardly similar to Microsoft Word, Publisher focuses on graphic design and page layout features. For example, it allows the user to rearrange all elements on the page freely, whereas Word does not. It is meant to create documents that are meant to be printed, like business cards, advertisements, newsletters, certificates, flyers, and so on. Newer versions of Publisher are also suitable for creating static websites, as they are capable of exporting the document into an HTML file. Other supported file formats include PDF and XPS. Though not the only publishing application out there, Microsoft Publisher is explicitly aimed at beginner users and has an intuitive interface. As such, you might want to run Microsoft Publisher on Mac even though it is not officially available on the platform. There are several ways to do so; read the guide below to learn more.

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