how to play microvolts recharged on mac, how to play microvolts on mac

How to play MICROVOLTS: Recharged on Mac

MICROVOLTS: Recharged is a multiplayer third-person shooter developed and published by Masangsoft. Done in an anime aesthetic, MICROVOLTS positions itself as a casual, laid-back shooter. But there’s plenty of skill and strategy involved as well. Each character always carries seven distinct types of weapons: a melee weapon, a rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a machine gun, a rocket launcher, and finally, a grenade. You are able to switch between them at any moment, so make sure to use the right tool for the right situation. The game features many cosmetic items, such as costumes and weapon skins, but don’t worry; purchasable cosmetics do not improve the stats of a weapon. Overall, MICROVOLTS is a pretty fun and unique F2P shooter. Unfortunately, it is available only on Windows PC, but there are several workarounds that can be used to play MICROVOLTS: Recharged on Mac. Learn more by reading the guide below.

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