How to play MONSTER HUNTER RISE on Mac

Developed by Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing videogame being the sixth mainline installment in the entire Monster Hunter series. It has by far grown itself from Japan’s best game for Nintendo to one of the biggest worldwide RPG hits of all time for Windows. The game offers its players to delve into a legendary Monster Hunter universe full of its beauty and battles. Become a hunter and equip yourself with weapons to defeat bundles of monsters while exploring the world, slay bosses and improve your character by gathering loot and crafting new items. Monster Hunter Rise is exciting keeping its players fully submerged with spectacular graphics and constantly-updating game content. Each fight experienced on your journey is truly unique requiring different sets of skills to survive and conquer the monsters. Should one be bored of playing alone, people can call their friend into action and complete the journey together. For now, Monster Hunter Rise is only available for Windows. It is quite pointless to expect it for Mac, so follow our tutorial below to get over the border and launch it on macOS despite official restrictions.

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