how to play mu origin 3 on pc or mac

How to play MU ORIGIN 3 on PC or Mac

MU ORIGIN 3 is a mobile MMORPG developed by FingerTips. Set in a fantasy world, the game offers a large world for you to explore (through walking, swimming, and even flying) and have adventures in – 5,000,000 square meters worth of fantasy landscapes, to be exact. At the time of writing, it allows you to play as one of four differnet classes: Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Magus. And yes, these last two have rather similar names. The difference between a Mage and a Magus is that the former focuses exclusively on magic, while the latter has notable physical abilities as well. As the classes are customizable, you will be able to select the skills that your character has. This way, you can tailor the gameplay to your own liking; but don’t forget to choose skills that synergize. As skills can be changed in the fly, it is even possible to develop several different skill sets that suit different needs. Whether it’s PvE mob grinding, fast-paced 3v3 PvP Arena, or massive Server vs. Server wars, you can adjust your abilities for them all.
Although the game is only available on iOS and Android, you can also play MU ORIGIN 3 on PC, and also on Mac. Read the guide below for detailed instructions.

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