how to play nba 2k24 on mac

How to play NBA 2K24 on Mac

NBA 2K24 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts. The player can choose to control either one person or the whole team. Notably, these teams are not fictional; the game features many real-world NBA teams and historic basketball players. Custom characters can be created as well. A big attraction of the game is its career mode, which focuses on a specific character for the entirety of their basketball life, from their initial draft, all the way to retirement. It is also possible to play as a team manager; this is a harder game mode in which the player needs to win games (just like in other modes), but also manage the team’s popularity and finances. The game is available on a variety of consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox (both the current and the last generation), as well as Nintendo Switch. There is a PC version too. However, you will need third-party software to play NBA 2K24 on Mac; the platform is not supported officially. Read the guide below for instructions.

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