How to play PayDay 2 on Mac

Developed by Overkill Starbreeze Studio in 2013, PayDay 2 has famously been the long-term classic of cooperative robbery-simulator games. It offers its players to assemble a 4-men squad and raid through the chain of banks scattered around Washington city. CRIMENET, the biggest market of robbery contracts, offers to choose a variety of orders ranging from day-to-day shoplifting to high-risk clean-ups of the entire banking structure. Lots of dynamics along with flexible shooting will keep your head submerged into the world of smash-and-grab raids. To feel the smell of whopping cash at the end of a contract, players should install the game on Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation series. Even though there is no Mac hanging around this list, we have a solution to launch it for Macintosh users regardless. Scroll down below to see how.

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