how to play pc building simulator on mac

How to play PC Building Simulator on Mac

PC Building Simulator is a simulation game developed by Claudiu Kiss and The Irregular Corporation. The name of the game is completely accurate and to the point: this game is focused on simulating the experience of building personal computers.
PC Building Simulator features two main game modes (and one tutorial mode). The first one is the Career mode. In this mode, the player is put in charge of a PC repair and building business. At first, you will only handle simple tasks such as removing viruses and simple hardware repair, but soon, you will be building custom computers for many demanding clients. Sleek and noiseless computers? Water-cooled RGB monstrosities? You will build them all.
If you’re not happy working on computers your clients want, and would rather build your own dream PC, the game provides such an option as well. In the Free Build mode, there are no orders, no monetary constrains, and you have access to all parts so that you can build whatever you want.
PC Building Simulator is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. There’s no Mac version, but you can play PC Building Simulator on Mac anyway by following the guide below.

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