play rogue legacy 2 on mac

How to play Rogue Legacy 2 on Mac

Are you a fan of the old and legendary Rogue Legacy videogame? Then its 2022 sequel developed by Cellar Door Games will be another fascinating story to play. In general, it is the same rogue-like game, but not without tons of new content arriving in place: revamped biome generation, new abilities, unique weapons, brand new artistic approach, and other mechanics breathing new lights into the game. Be ready to accept the legacy challenge of parents’ inheritance and fight to the top of the Kingdom. Learn new styles of play through constant improvisation and evolving clashes. Meet lots of iconic as well as brand new features to become a ranger everyone would admire. Crawl into the depths of a randomly-generated world and solve all of the riddles hidden in it to build your own journey of legacy. Unfortunately, Rogue Legacy 2 does not support macOS being available only for Windows and Xbox platforms. Our guide below will ignore it and help your launch the game on Mac regardless of such circumstances.

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