how to play sands of aura on mac

How to play Sands of Aura on Mac

Sands of Aura is an open-world dungeon crawler game developed by Chashu Entertainment. In this game, you will explore a desolate world of eternal darkness, with nothing but sand in all directions. But although the world is but a husk of its former self, it still harbors life. You play as a member of Remnant Knights, a militant order dedicated to protecting those who remain. During your quest, you will explore ancient ruins, fight hordes of corrupted creatures, and even take down several powerful bosses. How will you accomplish this? It’s your choice; the game features multiple distinctive ways to fight and an impressive build variety. All equipment in this game is modular; you can, for example, change the way your sword handles by swapping out its hilt. The story in Sands of Aura is mostly linear, but also fairly cryptic. You will not be spoonfed information; rather, the game expects you to figure things out on your own. This bleak, yet intriguing world is definitely worth exploring, but there’s no official way to play Sands of Aura on Mac. However, there are several unofficial ones; read the guide below to learn what you can do.

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