How to play Satisfactory on Mac

Satisfactory is an open-world factory building simulator developed by Coffee Stain Studios. Based on the first-person experience, the gaming mission is to alight on the alien plant to gather resources and build multi-story factories with conveyor belts to produce whatever you like. A range of nuances to solve during the factory setup will make playing the game even more interesting. You can also use vehicles to transport the found supplies like oil, aluminum, and many other types awaiting to roll through the production lines. The open-world gameplay is fun to explore not only alone but with friends helping to create a dream factory together. Shed your own creativity to embody the world full of advanced technologies and bend the new-open planet down your knees. Satisfactory is an incredibly beautiful game based on Unreal Engine 4 that everybody enjoys. Although it is currently available only on Windows systems, we will show how to launch it on Mac as well. Just follow the instructions listed down below.

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