play shenmue iii on mac

How to play Shenmue III on Mac

Shenmue III follows in the footsteps of the first two games – it is still an open-world, action-adventure game about Ryo Hazuki and his quest to avenge the murder of his father. It is remarkably similar to the first two games, despite having a different developer – Ys Net – and releasing 18 years after Shenmue II. That is because the game’s creative director, Yu Suzuki, has also directed Shenmue I and II. Indeed, Shenmue III only became a reality thanks to his initiative – in 2015, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game’s development.
Thanks to all the advances the technology has made, Shenmue III received several substantial improvements. The game’s engine, Unreal Engine 4, made the game look beautiful and modern. The way it plays is anything but modern, though – Yu Suzuki developed the game exactly as he envisioned it all the way back in the early 00s, and it shows. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though – the game is definitely enjoyable, and people frustrated by trends in modern gaming would find it a breath of fresh air.
The game has also received three DLCs, adding new content to the game – both in terms of story missions and in terms of cosmetic items such as outfits.
Shenmue III is available to play only on Windows and PlayStation 4 – unsurprisingly, it did not receive a Mac port. Despite this, it is possible to play Shenmue III on Mac – the guide below will help you with that.

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