how to play sniper elite 4 on mac

How to play Sniper Elite 4 on Mac

Sniper Elite 4 is a WW2-themed shooter game developed by Rebellion Interactive, a British indie studio. As you might have guessed from the title, the game’s protagonist is a sniper. To be more specific, you will play as Karl Fairburne, an elite marksman on a mission to aid the Italian Resistance in their fight against Nazi Germany. Your involvement will be mostly limited to assassinations of high-ranking German targets, but there’s more to the art of sniping that just squeezing the trigger. You will have to take into account gravity, wind, and even your own heartbeat; traverse rough terrain and climb tall structures to obtain line-of-sight on your target without alerting them; learn the parameters of your weapons and perhaps even customize them. Not all assassinations have to involve sniping, either; sometimes, you will be able to do the job with a well-placed explosive, or a carefully sprung trap. Sniper Elite 4 can be played on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As you can see, macOS is not supported, but there are several ways to play Sniper Elite 4 on Mac anyway. The guide below will explain more.

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