how to play stumble guys on mac

How to play Stumble Guys on Mac

Stumble Guys is a competitive multiplayer game developed by Kitka Games. The players have to race each other while dealing with numerous physics-based obstacles. Giant rocks, spinning hammers, conveyor belts, and many other hindrances are present; however, they are not the only thing your character will have to contend with. Initially, the game starts with 32 players competing, but each round, this number gets reduced in half. Therefore, it is insufficient to simply finish the obstacle course; you must also be faster than half of the players.
The alternative route to victory is to hinder these faster than you. Though most players simply focus on racing each other to the finish line, the game also features the ability to inconvenience others in a variety of ways. When timed right, these can cause the players to fall off the platform and respawn behind everyone else. But, as this is a competitive multiplayer game, this works both ways… you will have to keep your eyes on both the course and the other players, for sure.
The game is available on Microsoft Windows, as well as on Android and iOS. But it is also possible to play Stumble Guys on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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