how to play super mega zero on mac

How to play Super Mega Zero on Mac

Super Mega Zero is an platformer/shoot-em-up hybrid game, developed by Silkworm and published by Rogue Games. The game was designed to give off an “old school arcade” vibe, in more ways than one. The most obvious ones, of course, are the game’s color palette – which is limited and mainly contains bright colors – and the chiptune soundtrack. But the gameplay, too, takes inspiration from the same source. Super Mega Zero is fast-paced, yet requires the player to be highly precise with inputs in spite of that. Needless to say, this means the game is a little bit on the harder side; be glad you don’t have to insert a coin for each time you respawn.
Thankfully, not all sections of this game are intense and demanding. Occasionally, the players will be given an opportunity to slow down a little and engage with the puzzle mechanics. And with more than two hundred different levels, you will have enough time to experience all game modes (platformer, shoot-em-up, and puzzle).
Unfortunately, Super Mega Zero is available only for Windows and Nintendo Switch. Using third-party solutions, however, you will be able to play Super Mega Zero on Mac as well. Read the guide below to learn about your options.

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