How to play Tales of Arise on Mac

Developed and published by the team of Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tales of Arise is the seventh RPG installment of the entire Tales series that made its first debut in 1995. The Japanese hit has posed a good impression on users with lots of content and action to play through. The story goes around two worlds of medieval Dahna and advanced Rena, which took over the prior by force to seed its sway and set the entire population of Dahna in slavery. After 300 years have passed, two people from separate worlds encounter and unite to dethrone five Lords that torture the captivated world of Dahna. The characters’ names are Calaglia, a masked Dahnan slave cursed to have no memories of the past, and Shionne from Renan that gets rescued from long-term captivation by the resistance formed with the help of Calaglia himself.

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