how to play techtonica on mac

How to play Techtonica on Mac

Techtonica is a factory-building game with an underground theme. Explore the beautiful caves of an alien world, learn how to navigate sprawling tunnels, and slowly claim this world as your own with the help of industrial machinery. The beginning will be slow – it always is in automation games – as you have no choice but to gather resources by hand. The next logical step is to construct the machines to mine on their own; taking it will introduce you to the wonderful rabbit hole that is automation. How do I deal with this industrial byproduct? What if I make this assembler craft more assemblers? What power production design will be the most scalable? It is easy to get lost in this never-ending cycle of making your factory more efficient; however, in this game, your character has an actual motivation beyond automation for the sake of automation. Unlike many games in the genre, Techtonica features an actual storyline. Likewise, exploration is not just a quest for more resources; there are mysteries to uncover as well. Although the game doesn’t have an official Mac port, you can still play Techtonica on Mac by following the guide below.

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