how to play the isle on mac

How to play The Isle on Mac

The Isle is an open-world survival game developed and published by Afterthought LLC. There’s an abundance of games in this genre, and so, The Isle tried to do something very different to stand out from the rest. In this game, you’re not playing as some kind of shipwrecked survivor or a prehistoric hunter-gatherer. Indeed, you’re not playing as a human at all. The island the game takes place on is populated mainly by dinosaurs; you will take control of one of them. Nature, you will discover, is harsh and brutal even to these powerful creatures. You will not start the game as a fully-grown dinosaur; no, you will be a young hatchling, smaller than most creatures around you. Should you manage to survive this vulnerable stage, you will become large and powerful, but that too will not put an end to your struggle. After all, most other creatures are large and powerful too. But if you really want, you can skip the gritty survival and jump straight into dinosaur-on-dinosaur action in Sandbox mode, where you start fully grown and can respawn with no penalty. Although this indie game is officially available only on Windows, there is a way to play The Isle on Mac as well. Read the article below to learn more.

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