how to play the mortuary assistant on mac

How to play The Mortuary Assistant on Mac

The Mortuary Assistant is a horror game developed by DarkStone Digital and published by DreadXP. You play as Rebecca, the eponymous assistant in charge of embalming dead bodies. That, by itself, is a fairly simple job; the hard part is dealing with demonic forces which possess some of the bodies. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to identify the possessed corpses, as long as you’re thorough. Try to rush your job, however, and there will be no Rebecca anymore. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to always take your time either; being around dead bodies weakens your mind and leaves you more susceptible to the demonic influences. Sometimes, corners will have to be cut. Balancing these two things is the core part of gameplay, which is also responsible for the game’s tense atmosphere. The Mortuary Assistant may not be a particularly long game, but it has five different endings and some hidden content, which make it worth playing (and then replaying). It does not have a Mac version, but there are many ways around this issue. Read our guide to learn how to play The Mortuary Assistant on Mac.

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