how to play ultrakill on mac

How to play ULTRAKILL on Mac

ULTRAKILL is a retro FPS game developed by a team of people led by Arsi Patala, a Finnish game developer. There are shooters out there that reward a slow and tactical approach; ULTRAKILL does the opposite of that. Instead of hiding from the enemies to apply a bandage, you heal by bathing in their blood. Instead of purchasing armor-piercing ammunition, you punch bullets to make them explosive. Instead of carefully leaning from cover, you slam into your enemies at twice the speed of light. There’s no time to think, there’s no need to think, just run, shoot, shoot, shoot. The story of the game is just as straightforward and violent. Bloodthirsty machines have wiped out everything on Earth; eager for more combat, they now seek to conquer the Hell itself. Long ago, people were afraid of demons. Now, people don’t exist anymore, and demons will soon become afraid of you. Officially, this game is available only on Microsoft Windows, but there are several ways to play ULTRAKILL on Mac as well. Learn more by reading the guide below.

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