how to play undecember on mac

How to play UNDECEMBER on Mac

UNDECEMBER is a hack-and-slash RPG videogame from the developers who participated in the creation of Lost Ark and Lineage 2: Revolution. The Korean company Need Games has now brought a truly captivating story inside of the world where the battle between evil and good sees no logical ending. Choose your side of the story and define the way it continues by exploring various locations and meeting new characters. Gain more strength as you slay packs of vicious mobs spawning in your surroundings and wanting your death. Build your character the way you like, obtain items, and develop new skills to fight tougher enemies as you advance through new locations across your gameplay. The game also allows cooperation with other players to build your own guild and arrange boss raids for extraordinary gear and unforgettable experiences with friends. UNDECEMBER is a game that has no official support delivered for macOS. Luckily, we know how to ignore this snag and launch it on Mac regardless of it being unavailable officially. Follow our guide below to learn how this can be done. Furthermore, apart from just launching it on your Apple device, it will also be possible to feel the whole hurricane action with Unreal Engine 4 graphics on the highest settings possible.

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