How to play V Rising on Mac

V Rising is an action-adventure and RPG video game about vampires and their co-op or solo survival through the vast world. Being a vampire weakened after centuries of slumber, you will have to rise again and regain your strength by hunting for blood. You will also have to shelter your skin from daylight emitting its scorching rays of the sun. Gather the allies and attract humans onto your side to serve the mission of rebuilding the empire of vampires. Collect resources and decide where you want to build your own home castle to foster your dignity. Improve your hunting skills, unlock abilities, and find new weapons to instill terror and become the fearsome force dwelling across the entire world. Do what you truly want and unlock the power of vampires, which had been suppressed for centuries past. Many want to try playing V Rising – a new gothic viral hit from a small Swedish studio available, however, some users do not have access to Windows. Although there is no support present for macOS, we are still going to launch it regardless. Read our article below to learn how one can do this and access the same gaming experience just as on Windows.

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